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2014 APEC Women and the Economy Forum China

Beijing, China

May 21 ~ 23, 2014

"Women's Business and Smart Technology" Seminar

Empowering Women's Economic Performance using Smart Technology: Supporting Policies and Training

Date                  : 2014. 5. 23.(Fri) 13:30 ~ 15:30

Venue               : Beijing Hotel, Beijing, People's Republic of China

Organized by    : Korea Women Entrepreneurs Association(KWEA)

                            Global Women's ICT Network(GWIN)

                            Asia-Pacific Women's Information Network Center(APWINC)

Hosted by         : Ministry of Gender Equality & Family of Republic of Korea

                            in cooperation with All-China Women's Federation of the People's Republic of China

Supported by   : NIS(National Institutd of Standards and Technology) USA / speark support

2014 APEC China

About the Event

The “Women’s Business & Smart Technology” Seminar is a part of 2014 APEC Women and The Economy Forum (WEF). 2014 APEC-WEF is hosted by 2014 APEC-China. The Seminar is co-organized by Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center (APWINC), Korea Women’s Entrepreneurs Association (KWEA), and Global Women’s ICT Network (GWIN), hosted by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) of Republic of Korea (ROK), in cooperation with All-China Women’s Federation of the People’s Republic of China. The objective of the seminar is to promote mobile commerce and social commerce for women’s business, and to identify key strategies for enhancing women’s economic empowerment using smart technology.

The seminar contains basic research, current trends on use of smart technology, best practices & business models, and enabling environment: cyber security. For the basic research, current use of smart technology by Korean women entrepreneurs and successful cases on the use of smart technology, mobile commerce and social commerce in APEC region will be investigated. In the Seminar, successful business models of mobile commerce and social commerce will be introduced and promoted to APEC economies. In addition, policies and development strategies using smart technologies will be discussed and reported to APEC Policy Partnership on Women and The Economy (PPWE), Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG).




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