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APEC Women and the Economy 2015 Fora

"Women as Prime Movers of Inclusive Growth"

Manila, the Phillippines

September  ~ , 2015

"APEC Women's Business and Smart Technology" Seminar

Leveraging Smart Technologies & Global Best Practices for APEC Women Entrepreneurs

Date                  : 2015. 9. 15.(Wed.) 13:30 ~ 18:00

Venue               : Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Manila, the Philipphines

Hosted by         : Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center(APWINC), ROK

                            Department of Trade and Industry(DTI), PH

Organized by    : Global Women's ICT Network(GWIN) of Republic of Korea

                            TeamAsia of PH

Cosponsorship : Australia, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam

Attendess         : approximately 100

                          women entrepreneurs, members of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of
                          APEC region,  government officers, academic scholars

2015 APEC PH

About the Event


To enhance women’s economic empowerment using smart technology, Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center (APWINC) & Global Women's ICT Network (GWIN) in support of the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family(MOGEF), Republic of Korea in cooperation with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Philippines will hold a seminar on “Leveraging Smart Technologies & Global Best Practices for APEC Women Entrepreneurs” in Manila this coming September. Current technology trends and best practices & accelerator program business models will be discussed and highlighted. The seminar will be held one day prior to the 2015 APEC Women and the Economy Forum (WEF). The recommendations of the seminar will be submitted to Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE), and WEF.


Online sustainable “smart start-up support system” of back-end services (i.e. HR, customer service center, tech support, marketing, design services) will be created  and activities (i.e. sourcing, production, manufacturing) where start-ups could leverage these discounted services to successfully launch their ventures in an efficient and cost effective manner will also be created.


  • To promote women-owned businesses using smart technologies and to inform them of current trends such as smart services (3D printing, big data, etc.) and sharing of best practices and useful resources for launching start-ups.

  • To share experiences and business models of successful women businesses based on smart technologies in APEC economies.

  • To formulate policies and develop strategies for leveraging smart technology. The results will be reported to PPWE, WEF, or other related Fora, Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI).

  • To create an APEC “in-house online accelerator support system for start-ups” by partnering with regional entities which can then be leveraged by women entrepreneurs when launching their start-ups.

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